09 June 2010

first manifest - open agenda

Till now about 12 people have confirmed their participation to the Natland SB how much less is more Seminar 2010 so it will happen this coming Saturday the 12th of June. Nobody is a stranger and everybody at least knows another. YOU are IN and Natland SB counts on you now. A new adventure starts:

The location of the seminar will be in and near the Natland SB art Gallery. So, if you travel from the centre you take for instance trolleybus 2 to the end. Where the Holy Grail is and the parking of KIWI supermarket at Birkelundstoppen. At the pedestrians crossing you follow the sign Natland SB into a small road which slightly goes up and bends left after a while and left again ending on a roundabout with a view. That is where you are expected around 10.30 on that morning. Somewhere along this road you will probably find the strategic moderator too.

For the start of the program an excursion to the Natland SB art Galleri is in the plans. From there it is just a question of continuance. Natland SB Seminar is an experiment but takes the tasks wittingly serious. It aims to be more than just another cup of tea but not that much more. In times of higher expectations the goals are lowered but our limits are aimless towards the sky.

The least: the Seminar is for free except for those who want or can contribute a small token; the suggestion is from 50 NOK up to what ever you carry. Reimbursement in empty bottles is also excepted. Natland SB's next activity is in Lidéřovice on the 24th. Natland SB has no idea how to get there at this moment.

Coffee, tea and some food will be provided. Furthermore: every initiative taken by you to make the Saturday not only sunny is very appreciated.

T P replied: I can bake some rundstykker if you want to.

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