01 May 2012

natland sb less labour day

Question (tearful): So this is really our last supper... should have seen it coming bu... but... still it is soo unexpected... So, why does Natland SB drop her activities?.. Just now when it all seems to fu... fall in place and you you actually have some who... I will miss you... I will miss you... Answer (tearless): Sod, not so quick, Question. It has been more than less enough and for everything comes a time: Eva can safely stop showing legs, pack her tits and dissolve, the director managing finally gets time for deep gardening and the disposable curator can now for instance be easily replaced by some art student. Question: Bu...but... Answer: Oh, come on, it has been really enough: this exposure of other peoples redundancies. That point is made. The garden hose is biting it's own tail. Those some you mention are fine people but, really! wake up: we are not reviving any revolution here or even saving any cuddly seals! And consider this: if the slogan is actually ... but how much less is more... and we are close to a thousand or so images of the same published... Question: Bu... but... Answer: We are NOT shutting down Natland SB multiless art Centre right now but just get a little less pushy and go to lower emission exposure. We actually really found this emerging and willing student who is going to do his MA on the local art school and who intends to research the decomposement of today's art and he is to hang something interesting on the walls sometimes but he explicitly wants to focus more on the creative processes and we can not have that too much. Our terms are clear: there is enough rubbish around. Question: Bu... but... did i just see you snacking and nibbling dishwasher tablets? (to be continued?)

10 March 2012

less have a natland sb birthday party!

Question: We are not doing any dishes anymore?

Answer: No, actually this new place comes with a machine... and the funny thing is that a dishwasher is not only a cleaning device but also a pacifier... although one would expect to have more time it actually takes as much.

Question: The wise guy is suggesting here that global rulers have intentionally installed machines in our houses to sooth us? That the inside sound of water hitting the dirt out of a pot puts a spell on all of us and that instead of the convenience for the individual it is the lock on our communal cell door and by us focussing on the online drug we have ignored the instalment of slavery through the dishwasher? What brand is it?

Answer: Whirlpool. (the question laughs and the answer smiles forcefully).

Question: you ARE serious!

Answer: Well... it does fit in the senistic view and natlandian slogan ( ... but how much etc...) those who control the process of massive stupefying are the ones that rule ... and since the 1st of March the grip on us is tightening. They are getting more open in their attitude of simply seeing the human race not even any longer as a consumer but bluntly just as the product and they are willing to use any means to do so and... i do dearly miss the good time manually washing the dishes...

Question: Hmm, you really believe in the good and the bad guys you silly co... Any other good news?

Answer: Maybe the fact that natlan sb is active two years tomorrow and that a party is announced to celebrate amongst friends and neighbours and less.

Question: the natland sb birthday party!!! And you expect as many people as during the less dance festival? Deep inside you do, don`t you, you long for the crowds again?

Answer: Well, the director managing did promise to contribute with cake and coffee this time and in return i promised something special. Y said she would come too.

Question: details?

Answer: Tomorrow sunday 11 March 2012, from 11.49 in the morning till 12.49 in the afternoon at the Natland SB multiless art centre in Bergen.

Question: It will be an unforgettable generous event again. A demonstration of happening?

Answer: Yes, and it combines well with the birthday of our disposable curator turning 51 on wednesday and who as usual accepts any gift but if you excuse me, i have to empty something now.

They spontaneously start dancing and singing while doing it. There is now video.

photo title: natland sb not withstanding the temptations doing it.

16 February 2012

11 June 2011

manifest 0 new beginning natland sb

Well... this is at least the beginning of an announcement:

During the hanging of exposement 168 the Natland SB Galleri nail broke, so consequently there will be no exposements anymore.We continue with the interventions however or any other interuption we find suitable and just.

Consequently we have decided to change Natland SB Art Galleri appropriately into Natland SB Multiless Centres furthermore the term postcontextual art is examined.... Ha, what?? Pffffff!!

please forward this message of importance to all concerned and for those who are not concerned but nevertheless worried our slogan remains: but how much less is more.

06 March 2011

natland sb roomservice

natland sb gives the unique opportunity to get the highlights of the natland sb less dance festival 2011 on your screen without you having to leave your own place: so, less dance! see for details: video

01 February 2011

manifest 10 - decomposements

application for a research (blog) & movement 1 (video)

27 January 2011

manifest 9 movement 2

private is public (video)

26 January 2011

manifest 9 - morten replies

manifest 9 movement 1 (video)

The Facebook Team to Sb Natland
show details 16:46 (4 hours ago)

We apologize, but the only way we will be able to verify ownership of this account is if you reply to this email with an attached color image of your government-issued photo identification confirming your full name and date of birth. If you do not have access to a scanner, a digital image of your photo ID will be accepted as well. Rest assured that we will permanently delete your ID from our servers once we have used it to verify the authenticity of your account.

Again, please note that we will not be able to process your request unless you send in proper identification. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


User Operations

-----Original Message to Facebook-----
From: natland sb (natland.sb@gmail.com)
To: The Facebook Team

Subject: Re: My Personal Profile was Disabled

manifest 9 movement 1 (video)

25 January 2011

manifest 7 movement 3

movement 3 (video)

manifest 9 - dear morten, can i have your ID?

Dear Morten,

can i please receive a copy of your ID?

Sb Natland

On 25 January 2011 14:52, The Facebook Team wrote:

Hi, Thanks for providing this information. At this time, we cannot verify the ownership of the account. Please reply to this email with a digital image of your government-issued identification. Make sure the identification you provide meets all of the following requirements:

- Must be government-issued (e.g. passport, driver's license)
- Must be in color
- Must clearly show your full name, date of birth, and photo

If possible, please save this file in JPEG image format. You may black out any personal information that is not needed to verify your identity (e.g., address, license number).

Rest assured that we will permanently delete your ID from our servers once we have used it to verify the authenticity of your account. Note that we will not be able to process your request unless you send in proper identification. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations

-----Original Message to Facebook-----

From: natland sb (natland.sb@gmail.com)
To: The Facebook Team

Subject: when do i get my account back?????

Dear FB workers,

Could you please answer my mails?

Sb Natland

-----End Original Message to Facebook-----

20 January 2011

Eva Natland was born in 1985.

eva wants friends

For unclear reasons Natland SB has been taken off Facebook today. A tool we enjoyed to use to inform you about our activities...

Please spread the image of this hunted and wounded. Please tell all your friends and enemies. Invite them to become friends or followers via FB or here. Send angry letters to the wolf!

1000 TAK, Sb.

the reactions are so overwhelmingly small that Natland SB returns to a corner (to find something to hit with).

fun (video)

18 January 2011

sixth manifest - career opportunities

An email conversation between Nabroad (NA) and Natland (SB):

NA: Dear S, we very much enjoyed your contribution to måg issue two. So we would like to invite you to contribute with another text for måg issue four.
-would this be of interest to you? We would of course use the same terms as last time (no editing of your text). Let me know what you think! Best, A D & måg editorial team

SB: thinks that is was pretty much hurt last time... not too happy.

NA: Sorry about that! We liked working with you. Best, A.

SB: Would we get the front page?

SB: Or.... would we get on the front page?

NA: Hi again, All our contributers are listed on the front page. If you look at the last issue you are listed. Cammilla Low is on the next front page.

SB: Can we have the cover of number 5? (Are you always so serious A?)

NA: Hi, Yes, quite serious particularly at work :) We have already front page covers for the next 4 issues. Sorry about that. Best, A

SB: We are also sorry. We hate work. We have to look at your proposal and decide if another publication is any good for us too.

NA: ?

SB: well you see... we are reformers. And ask ourselves: what is in it for us? LOOK a mouse!!! It is complicated, A, but.... we at SB actually fight against todays art and you are a believer.

After a good night sleep and worried why there was no answer from NA...

SB: Dear NA, we discussed the matter here and came up with the following suggestion: could we have the backside instead of the frontside of number 4?

Hilsen, Natland SB team

eighth manifest goes to edinburg

movement 1 (video)

Natland SB is pretty much finished with the box thing at the moment and just wonders how to accurately get rid of it. Now it is working on some new activities. One of them is the following. In between the daily junkmail an invitation was received for participation in a heavy project to be held in November 2012 in Edinburgh. Natland SB immediately presumed it has the right tune, it must have been the title of the event, and send the following proposal:

To the committee members and organizers of the ELMCIP event 2012 in Edinburgh.

Sb Natland likes to recommend Natland SB as an uplifting contribution to your intended event.

Then the usual blabla about ourselves... continuing with:

2nd: why Natland SB could fit in your plans?

Natland SB realizes that the following sketch is a periferic or even borderline proposal but would like to emphasize that one needs at least one of these cases to clarify what is actually happening in the centre. Low key work simplifying the actual complicated matters, or in other words: a 21st century fluxus mode or a so-called friendly bug.

Natland SB suggests to become during the conference a temporary interactive observer of the event focusing on the footprints, the leftovers, ignored, disposed and rejected and to present its findings by means of a non existing exhibition, a reworded lecture, a final meeting of the rectangular table using e-cast. An artists recycling of any material left within the premises. A self reflecting mechanism within the event. A long-term time-based (non) art form.

Natland SB intends to make exposements with the actual material (any) which is disposed by other presentations, exhibitions, artists, audience and conference speakers etc. Natland SB follows deleuzian methods of action and reaction (MAB-BCZ) and is hoping for a Stendhal effect. Trust is convenient. So, the tools and means are simple and do not involve much or external investments. No actual space is needed but access is asked.

Sb Natland is very willing to clarify any questions or remarks. You are also welcome to visit.

By the way: Your project leader Scott R and our disposable curator Sluik R have met at a BUU conference in Oslo (2009).

manifest 7 movement 2 - instructions

movement 2 (video)

15 January 2011

va dee natland sb?

Now the difficult part comes... so... what is Natland SB?

Natland SB is initiated in Bergen Norway and run by Hilde N (the director managing) and Sluik R (a disposable curator). The issues it exposes, items it presents are collected from their immediate surroundings.

Natland SB continues a thought and questions a quote made popular by German architect Mies van der Rohe: less is more. Natland SB agrees and suggests to add in this century: but how much.

Natland SB dismisses todays trend of a future recyclable and sustainable society as a modern indulgence to ease the soul. Natland SB investigates the decomposability of contemporary art forms meanwhile contributing to clarify the fact art is the only stable science humans have.

Natland SB started as an online gallery showing daily objects they and their neighbors want to get rid of at the communal waste facilities of a housing estate just north of Paradis. In this compound was conveniently enough already a nail in the wall. Natland SB simply started to hang the rejects on this nail, photograph and publish them.

Natland SB also organizes happenings like seminars and meetings of the rectangular table. Natland SB furthermore gets involved into other outdoor matters like a gallery on site or the temporary participation in so-called artistic dialogs.

One effect of the Natland SB activities is less visual rubbish around some places. This might be in the end the biggest contribution. Natland SB is without sorrows.

Vem er Sb Natland?

11 January 2011

seventh manifest - in other words

seminar 2 movement 1 (video)

Hei Du, this is a personal invitation to participate in the 2nd Natland SB but how much less is more Seminar 2011 in Bergen.

The Natland SB seminars deal through visual arts, ethics and philosophy and other loose ends with global issues, prospects and visions on future developments. If you dare to walk the line of fiction and reality and if you are not easily disappointed. If you like to actively participate in conversations and challenges and not at all scared of mirrors and contradictions and like to explore new matters whatever the outcome is, if you admit that the universe is big, if you have all the time to spend on Saturday the 12th of February 2011, then please step forward and answer this call.

The program is being compiled by Sluik R, the disposable curator at Natland SB galleri. This man has an extensive history as an audio visual and mixed media artist, notorious wanderer, committed tutor and dazzling lecturer, global organizer and solo activist. In Bergen he has been working in recent past with BAS, BEK and KHIB.

The event will take place near the premises of the Natland SB art Galleri from the morning 11.30 until the evening. Due to the limited amount of chairs you are urged to sign in for the event as soon as possible by sending an email to: postnatland@gmail.com or by leaving a message on Facebook.

After signing in you will receive specific information about program and location. The conversation language will be second hand English. Natland SB art Galleri is already less fresh and depending on you. The Seminar is not for free. A small token is accepted. The host is still a true moonlighter.

Hilsen, S B (Sb)

10 January 2011

seventh manifest - prewording

seminar 2 movement 1 video (norske versjon)

I like that word: happening. Little old fashioned with an optimist sound covers it accurately, this so-called 2nd Natland SB but how much less is more Seminar 2011. Yes, I am doing it again next month, be moderator or more like master of ceremony. One could ask what disposable curators are not useful for, or rephrased, one could ask what the kinds of me are not disposable for, ha? I do not tell what I come up with next.

The 1st Seminar last June was mainly an SB Natlandian introduction to the actual quote of Mies vd R, therefor it also focused or directly leaned heavily on architecture. I guess some summer words will be repeated, nothing wrong with good repetition, but i like to up heave the whole issue a little over and away from history re-interpreted and consumed and to put it closer to the occurring of the crossroad we stand on close to this present, now or being before the mind. More in the spirit of: we all know that it is wrong… what could be a way to react or better act to that matter, taking or leaving it. Natland SB has received once or twice a compliment for the added but how much and right so!

I sound vague? You say: again? Indefinite? You want it spelled out and supported by numbers and statistics? A pampered trajectory with keywords guide lining to safe haven? You want me to kick your only brain out? I could do with lesser words you mean? OK, wise ape, agreed, but how much less? I get so sick of this… what i said is… but what i mean is… are you listening? This is supposed to be a constructive dialog clarifying the upcoming event for the uninformed and healthy curious. I know you are not professor Y and I am still but just a former contemporary artist. We already dealed with that in our past that our world is rather based on emotionalism than on intellectualism, you smart ass! They all stopped reading, you say? Who started it? Let's stop this before we turn green…. (breath)

The Natland SB seminars and rectangular table meetings are deleuzian happenings where one goes for a organized forest walk and get¢s introduced to several trees seemingly standing random around but after a while it all makes sense and you trust your eyes when you see them actually move a little and change position but do not expect not to get lost in the woods. Just get in, sign on and join that day. It is a fun ride almost for free.

07 January 2011

seventh manifest - a new happening

seminar 2 movement 1 (video)

With sincere pleasure and constructive senism Natland SB art Galleri organizes the Second Natland SB but how much less is more Seminar. This event takes place in Natland SB Galleri Bergen on Saturday 12th February 2011 and will focus on following amongst more of less:

The participants observe the footprints of post contemporary art attempts and start questioning how disposable art should be or how sustainable artworks are allowed to be or… Ein Seminar als Geistliche Wanderung in der Psyche die zukünftige Künstler die zerbrechliche Kunst als Lösing zu erfahren und als Zeitgenossischer Wiederstandsbeitrag der heutigen Unmacht zu überwegen oder…

30 November 2010

sixth manifest - no more time for a right pair of spectacles.

So now it is kind of published in that great Nabroad Måg and out in the open for all invited members to read and even though it is about a month old it does not really smell yet although it is dirty washing. And that is exactly what is bothering. Bravely mentioning some balls but no fucking clinging and hanging on to them till they tear off, burst open and drop! It is rare that some outsiders request Natland SB a contribution without restrictions. And what does Natland SB do? It cowardly starts to masturbate nonsense double hearted… and avoiding the bitter truth, what a missed opportunity.
Oh, how much braver it had been if Natland SB would have declared that all artists of today calling themselves contemporary are just hypocrites and would have ignored the call. That Norway has great views but only if you stand on the right spot. That l`Art pour l`Art is actually art Poor art and rots in hell. If Natland SB could have claimed that actually the greater real art is being the ultimate, the highest, the only exact science on this planet.

Natland SB should have preached to them that Art is the only road to Salvation. No… Natland SB sings worse than professore Moreschi! No no, Natland SB missed the moment to declare that good art makes you tremble and cry, gives you a hard on and makes you wet between the legs, makes you not only sweat but physically ill, vomit and tremble of fear and excitement, pure joy! Natland should have taken the chance to say all this design and Dezeen shit made today is not valid to be considered looking at and is not worth to be disposed.

Natland SB missed the guts to question all this current waste of energy on preserving and dealing and monetizing. Natland did not declare war to the herd of so called modern curators and arthritic hyenas and dinosaurs. Natland SB ignored to mention the global disaster of artists failure to make a stand of difference; to overrule the economics and to take the responsibility to lead mankind to a really better world. Natland SB per Sempre? Do not make me cry more…

It would have made soo much difference if Natland SB would have spoken out to Måggie because consequently the whole planet would be in movement now in becoming the better place… if Natland SB just had penetrated the core and would have drawn a line. Natland SB is a galleri of poverty and full incestuous diseases like all others alike! That was clear from the beginning and can therefore not be mentioned here enough: Loud!

Now Natland SB also likes to advise Nabroad to join that herd earlier mentioned.

02 November 2010

sixth manifest -Nabroad publication


SB: This is the requested contribution for NABROAD magazine MÅG and therefore automatically the Sixth Manifest of Natland SB. It is made up in Fonte Nuova Lazio Italy just before the 2nd Meeting of the Rectangular Table could happen which makes this present again history. That clearly means it has no value but should nevertheless be taken into account seriously. We have an interview. S answers while B asks. We leave out the real questions of the beginning: enough words are spoiled and an equal amount of images is exposed already.

In tweet Natland SB art Galleri is a thought conceived in Bergen Norway and is run by a director managing and a disposable curator. It has furthermore no need for artists to participate in the continuation.

Those who do not follow can be dismissed. We are with too many anyway. The mistakes in this text are intentional or can be considered as a flowering truth. There is no discussion… only double mono conversation. Who is addressed? Hmm…it is clear nobody and nothing will be good enough but just temporary sufficient. There are simply not too many tunes on our flute left.


B: Natland SB has entered not so long ago the Bergen suburban art scene! Does it already economically pay off? Does Natland SB want to make name and fame or is it just escaping responsibilities, staying safely indoors confusing the private for public domain, annoying it with domestic sorrows? Is Natland SB touching any global issues or should we turn some extra lights on? Can Natland SB count till 10 in Norwegian? How Norwegian and how abroad is Natland SB anyway? Green is not your favourite colour? Natland SB hates messy situations? Are you gay?

S: You smell like snow from last year sniffed and pissed on by more than one dog although the glasses you wear disturb the setting. Oh, I will obey the intro not to re-chew too much which can be googled as long it is permitted by those who control our bu..…

B:This is a good start! It does not help much watching more hard talk. Let me try the other and much greater of the legs: What a splendid initiative: Natland SB! What a load of energy exposed in such short time! Does it intend to continue in this top gear and make a difference on long perspectives? The slogan used for the first seminar seems to have shaken some. How much less is more now? Natland SB choices newly balance the aesthetics with the ethics? What is behind it and who is in front?

S: To be kind to the ignorant and short for the followers: Natland SB is a, significant or not, initiative founded around a nail and a couple of bins north of Paradis and south from Slettenbakken. Natland SB started exposing objects less than a year ago and as ever too late but Natland SB at least has created a unique tribute for these inconvenient ready mades. It is a last resort for the ignored, unseen, wasted, abandoned and unwanted creatures, art rejects. Just getting rid of it is not enough and a last salute is welcomed. A repetition focused on the future. Beyond contemporary art is only the temporary art left: the eternal returns. It is rhizoming Duchamps and Nietzsche … nothing new either. The valuable view is the one that changes. Natland SB claims that the ever important economy has turned the consumer into the perfect product itself already. New market economy has overcome the handicaps the old fascism had not mastered yet. Coming to the nationality issue which is seemingly a hot item in the excluding world: Natland SB obviously shows mainly works that are made in China but it is not pinned down before a Norwegian touch was added. It has been consummated Nordically. On the other hand… yes, it could have been initiated elsewhere too but it was not… the nail itself has no passport. How much nationality can a product have anyway: Oil has no…

B: So predictable…screaming neo communist slogans, quickly backing off, getting political correct and leaving the art for what it is...ha… Omnipotent Deo Natland SB is at the moment far south of Bergen and as much north of Rome? That can not be a coincidence. I continue the thought: Natland SB is scared of big and fast and noisy? Post modern Arte Povera is not really the tea party it could get involved in and the nail is a convenient gimmick. Natland SB is a trendy playmate of nothing complementing the already existing arrogant Scandinavian bore! A perfect scapegoat and hide away for the coward! Anything to add so far, San Benito?

S: Correct again mighty snow bandit: Natland SB has no guts, is too polite to insult to the core and frankly too educated and formed to formulate any original thoughts, just enough monkey to entertain a little within it’s own flock. No great art can be expected from Natland SB, not much more than additional, in the best case multi correct culture instead of that oh so great exalting Arte Povera which changed the looks of this planet so drastically and the pockets of a few. We agree on that too! But Natland SB does not really care about that at all, it just does not care about that, it does no… (long silence)… The nail is also old but yes… the galleri is a pretty neat place, well ordered and looked after and the staff is not sufficiently aware of the danger of taking out the needle… eh…that nail from the real issue that all humans are pieces of unsustainable fucking shit in various united colors… at least there we are equal.

B: Hoho parrot, get out of your golden horn of plenty. You think you can get away with this attitude of licking my balls? Be aware that like those balls of David Hammonds the price goes up with the size. Are you tough enough for that? Put your hands where I can see them. I realize now you got them dirty dealing with the filth you call exposements but are indeed excrements.

S: Can I ask in return: what are you so stressed and uptight about, dear temporary observer. Is it not just passing time all we do? After all it is in perfect Christian tradition to judge the other: I am so good and they are so evil! Fundamental right. Wrong? You want me to impersonate a detached Greenpeace caretaking metallic monk smelling farts twice during this constructed interview? No, before you continue I refuse to do so and demand your balls on the table instead and… and please take those silly Corbu specs off!

B: … rhetoric bla bla mumble… you do not think those spectacles fit me? Thought it would make me kind of more approved … more whi… more sophisticated and it goes so well with the red scarf, the new dress and the complementing handbag I discovered at Freetex…can I go to the toilet? Any last words? Keep it short.

S: Pinekjøtt.

B: Can I go now? I can not hold it any longer! I am dripping in my knickers!

SB: So, B disposes himself while S thinks about Lazio and starts staring under the table at the hands and for an unexpected maecenas. They both leave prints behind. The word “recycle” is a dirty word and therefore not used. Concluding we are not doing well and our date is expired. The task however is clearly done.

28 October 2010

fifth manifest - table and the view

The rectangular table in Fonte Nuova is ready for the 2nd Natland SB meeting on 31.10. Tonight the chimney will be cleaned. To prevent crouds: there are 7 chairs and 3 spare beds. The weather is excellent. They call it Estate di San Martino in this area. Oh what a views we might have. Actually Natland SB biggest worry is there will be too much view.

16 October 2010

fourth manifest - appendix

Although Natland SB is at the moment not around the galleri but more near Rome it does support and contribute, however small, to the B-OPEN activities end of this month in the town of Bergen. It hereby likes to thank the meceanas who made that possible with the emphasis on our poverty and the rejection of the temporal in favour this time of the spiritual and this all in great abundance.

07 October 2010

fifth manifest - global directions

Natland SB ha sempre ragioni!

Some deleuzians say it is not an issue of the right answer but always about a good question, mmm. So Natland SB is getting ready for the second rectangular table.

Yes the postmodern Arte Povera found us this time a villa outside of the walls of Rome! Here we start with making a pencil point again and again and discuss the honesty of the materials. We teach in silence. Your flexibility is asked for. Less is a bore? Let us show what to do. Let us show what the hell went wrong! But flexibility is not enough anymore: how much less is more is ready for a next step. We are.

There is no individualistic artform. And Mies already said that it is all about the proportion of things, the proportion between the thing, often there is nothing but still there is a proportion. In Benito’s fraziones we find the clarity and discipline. We do not accept any longer that the stupid are the (new) loud. We know that philosophy dislikes discussion because it has something better to do: Trotzdem and despite and with and thanks to Jannis? Yes?

So we meet this time in Fonte Nuova (new well) on the last sunday of October in 2010. The first winterday according to those who rule clocks. Call it fatal romanticism but we are not giving in. We are not throwing the towels, merely bricks! Knights get on your horses there is a battle to fight.

Meetingpoint: Villa Settembrini in Fonte Nuova on Sunday, starting 11 in the morning on the 31 of october 2010.

Contact for further details: postnatland@gmail.com

01 October 2010

fifth manifest - first announcement

The 2nd Natland SB Meeting Around a Rectangular Table in 2010 will be held in Fonte Nuova (Lazio, Italy) on sunday 31 October 2010. You can contact us for more information.

18 September 2010

natland sb and old market economies

Natland SB galleri happily announces it's first sale. It has interchanged a disposable work for a silver camera. Both parties are, considering the circumstances, extremely satisfied with the outcome. The receiving party of the artwork wishes to stay anonymous. Rumors say the maker of the work could be Joachim Raphael Boronali. This is however not confirmed.

photo: work shown in Natland SB storage before shipment.

27 August 2010

oops... no fourth... natland sb is a ...

On 24 August 2010 22:49, Natland SB wrote to B-OPEN:
Hei V from B-OPEN, Natland SB has been very silent this summer towards you and now we break the silence with kind of sad news: participating in B-OPEN has become complicated. So complicated that we feel we are forced to withdraw.

The months October and November we will live in Rome Italy and so we are not around in Bergen.

Natland SB also talked with Bergen Arkitekt Skole director and was not impressed with her enthusiasm for the Hall of Shame. We think our proposal was strong and to come up with an alternative strategy would be less strong.

Natland SB apologizes and wishes B-OPEN a good time and for us another time. Or... maybe you have a budget for our flying tickets and then we could still do it. And w

Hilsen, H N a director managing and Ron Sluik the disposable curator.

On 25 August 2010 09:13, V from B-OPEN replied:

Hi H and Ron,

I hope you had a wonderful summer and that you are excited about the seemingly stressful fall! Myself, I feel I could have had some more sun of course, but else the summer was great :)

It's always sad to withdraw, but that's how things are some times. B-open does not have the economy to fly you in for the event. However, I hope you have the possibility to participate at in B-open in the future, and that you will continue your work in Bergen and the rest of the internet-world with Gallery SB Natland.

Good luck with your trip and work and everything,
best wishes from V.

On 26 August 2010 11:31, Natland SB wrote:

1000 tak for your understanding, V. Natland SB will continue the activities!
Maybe somehow you can put us in the B-OPEN list of galleries and artists as an active member of the kommune so that people can visit us online?

Hilsen, Natland SB

On 26 August 2010 22:07, V replied:

We can of course post your link on the B-open website under your profile as a gallery, that's actually a very good idea. Then you are participating :)
If you would like to do that, please send me some info on the gallery and some images, and pay the fee for participation of 300,- to account number 0539 5978529 (the fee is for organisation, info-material etc.)

I hope you too think of this as a good solution!

On 27 August 2010 14:47, Natland SB cried:

Thank you V for reminding us our galleri is disposable.


10 July 2010

manifest 3 - finish sonata

email correspondence via RHIZ network:

How is Pekka, still in Genevan surroundings? In September i will be teaching in Lahti at least from 6 till 18. Looking for more activities and thought maybe you could suggest or tip: thinking of some Natland SB outdoor activities like a rectangular table meeting or a spontaneous seminar or an exhibition in some off gallery space with disposable temporary art. R

Hey Ron, back in Finland. wooh, never leaving anywhere anymore. Feel like sleeping 7 weeks.

in September, we have 5 artist doing residency here in Hämeenkyrö, we are located 45 km from Tampere. I know that there is a quite active performance scene in Lahti, and a bar called Torvi, a punk bar, where Sex Pistols has played, before they got famous.

We could keep some scitzofrenic event somewhere, yes. in here or in Lahti. Maybe on radio? I am a good friend of radio channel owner. Maybe we could have a freestyle one hour for some night doing some noise art, hehe. Suggest something, i am just recovering from stress, and trying to remind my mind buddha at least few more days.

Cheers pal, Pekka.

Honorable Mr. Tits, here are the points from Natland:

as the disposable curator of the Natland SB galleri I like the sound of the radio.

It is simple. In short the proposal is the following: attached is a little piece of ripped paper with notes. It is some simple melody Natland S B walked into last week in Prag but has not tried to whistle yet. There is actually quite a scitzofrenic history behind it. That story is the red line for the radio broadcast. It has all the details for a scruffy soggy soap episode.

For radio we need music so the idea is to get some (23!) people to play the notes and send small audio files to us. We get this way some disposed music re-visited before it decomposes again. We spread the word and put some announcements out using the networks we have. It will all sound awful and that is just the point. We could cover that up, sauce and sell it with a serious subtitle like: the Final History of Temporary Music - a reconstruction of revisited preludic sounds in E minor.

We start spreading the news and you call your radiofriend for prime time! R

08 July 2010

second manifest - afterbarking

Answer: Natland S B team returned this Tuesday from 3 weeks in the Czech republic. Good time spend and some time wasted. Tomas was definitely right about the lack of round tables. There were actually 3 or more rectangular ones though in the premises. The meeting was spread over a period of as many days. Good men came early from afar and near by all means: foot or scooter included. Some did not manage or find. They were very missed and were not missed at all. It all worked with the tools available. Circumstances were sufficiently rough to create the right positions. No escaping. No need to check the bus schedule. There was simply no hike passing by.

Question: So the question of how much footprints less to walk to Lidéřovice is not relevant anymore? Been doing what? Burning straws? Willing to share a piece of that action or a look into the oven? Give a picture! Preferably a cloudy foggy smelly smoking one.
Answer: To start with the last request; pictures were given from the start. Mainly pictures and no more. But how could that have been different when... when there was none... and we are still in Miesian tangling. Now those pictures have an inside, a backside, a view through. Who was there knows what is behind that door, knows where to find the bottles, knows what communist hay smells like, picks the right paper, knows how short a speech can be, knows to get a chair that does not wobble, makes coffee smile on a graveyard. It is nice to expand or reverse the view of just an image. It reaches beyond expectations. It actually creates new rooms, new roads, widens horizons and triples the view, ha! It is an hour and five minutes to the nearest shop from that place where the rectangular table stood but you have to go straight where others go left otherwise it is more. Straw... straw! It was good. It was all so good. Nothing really more happened there though and not much less was or had to be repaired during. It was an experience of pure long-term maintenance. A kind of preserving endurance... but also arguably more or less like... giving it just enough air not to die. Little puffs of everlasting wet fire. One set of outspoken Dutch words by a foreigner got stuck in the head and has been revisited over and over: .. het raam is sprookjesachtig... but how to translate that... the window is a fairytale... does not half sound as good as in that Dutch... but what a possibilities... what a chances and opportunities? Anyway, now it is temporary proven that it makes no sense what Natland S B is doing and that feels pretty well. So there is definitely space for more rectangular tables on this planet in the near future. The attending agree. The quest continues to find out the price of the replaceable wounded and wearing vulnerable . Almost got a finger on the value of a view when that sentence popped up out of the blue. Puzzling destination Natland S B is on at the moment. Straight roads but curving waters... ermine and royal meatpin and inn bags and chicken meat jumble were on a menu... We are getting into the tune just before we discompose it as well. There were no barkers really and sufficient violins dressed up as nettles. Will not find the truth. Anyway, it would stop the machinery immediately. No... better stay away from the information desk! Be aware of the dog: Pozor Pes! We are all fenced parcels. We are islands. No sense denying. Just talking is a handicapped method . Conversations are not solid but fluid and they curve. Dialogs are like condensation stripes of high flying airplanes. Evaporating innocent white lines hanging in the sky. So silently and peacefully dirty. Brilliant sometimes! It has hardly begun.

Question: Ahoy, is this the boat to India?

(in the background are no sounds. a neglected clock stopped ticking days ago. just wind)

17 June 2010

second manifest - the location

Meeting takes place this Thursday 24 June at Lidéřovice 38. A village between Dacice, Slavonice and Cesky Radulec (CZ).

15 June 2010

second manifest - more arrangements

photo Tomas Amos Kouba

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Betreff: Re: i Count on You KING!
Datum: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 17:20, Tomas wrote to Ron:

I was looking for accommodation for rest of the people in neighbour village. I found two places where people can be accommodated. One is 130 CZK per night/person --very simple and quite ugly place. Other place is 220 CZK. Its much nicer already. Not romantic but clean and comfy. WHICH SHOULD i BOOK AND FOR HOW MANY PEOPLE AND FOR HOW MANY NIGHTS? To the neighbour village its 4 km walk. In my house, there is a place for 6 people (six beds Me, Your family, Yngvar} its 5 people already. Should I make space in barn where we could place the other people and get some spare beds for them? Will somebody sleep in a tent? Or should I just book the accommodation in the neighbour village? A lot of questions my Duke, I know, but please try to help me with making the accommodation question clear. King Tomas.

Natland S B likes the barn idea. Please contact S B if the comfy is wanted. Guests are expected to be prepared or to accept that much less is a hole more.

second manifest - provisions and terms

photo Tomas Amos Kouba

It is Natland SB who invites and it is the invited who decides.

By now 12 or so people have confirmed their intention to meet around the table on Thursday 24 June. There is no time schedule or program but all are expected to talk, eat and drink and have a good time together. The weather conditions are promised to be perfect for outdoor activities. A happening. A map is provided and the bus time schedules are available.

Those who come are advised to be prepared: Take enough with you.

second manifest - history & background

photo: Senis Besmegenis

In February 2009 Ron Sluik was guest teacher at the FAMU academy in Praha. One of the participating photography students was Tomas Amos Kouba. A month ago Sluik received an email from him:

What do you do in the summer? Would you like to come for visit in Czech rep.? I will be building my art residence there. You could perhaps join me...:) By the way, if you know somebody that would be interested in this project, just let me know. I search for visitors, voluntary workers or even for another owner for corporation. This is one of my crazy projects... Here you can see photos of the place: http://tomasamos.imgur.com/all/

Natland S B having a weak spot for others with crazy ideas saw in the invitation a perfect possibility to call for a meeting. Flexibility is a keyword for the future and Tomas had a flexible plan. So a mail was returned saying that the Natland S B art Galleri would accept and organize a round table meeting. Tomas replied: Very good but there is no round table on the premises.

Tomas is thinking of starting some art centre there and Natland SB wants to warn him that something else might be more suitable and suggests a rhizomian approach to be best. Tomas gets a think-tank before the layers brick. Natland S B provides in good spirit.

14 June 2010

first manifest - afterwords

Question: Give me a towel to dry.

Answer: Here. It is a lot of dirty dishes... It happened as it could have. I am not sure the outcome is the same seminar i expected beforehand but the first manifest is now history. Could afterward consider to recycle the title into Natland SB less is more how much but Seminar or Natland SB but how less is much more Seminar or Seminar how much more but less is Natland SB and so on. It was revealing. It was also pretty organic and digestible. I can not speak for other participants but next to the the cigar of Mies van der Rohe one other thing grew during the day and that is the question what the size and value of a view is. A new way of thinking is actually a new way of thinking. It is not re-thinking old ways or the ways we are on now and obviously we need to switch, obviously... Focusing on a branch does not make any tree in the forest more outspoken... but it was a very nice gathering. It makes no sense to revisit the spoken words here. Everybody who was present selected and kept to their own. But one could say that situations and people were pretty much re-sized in the morning program. That cup is not dry.

Question: The cup is not clean. OK... there was an afternoon excursion organized as well?

Answer: Yes, despite the weather we circled the grounds around the galleri for an hour or two, more or less. Walking and talking, wandering and wondering. Outside, the words spoken and heard float away with the weather and it is, next to that, great to make in the argumentation a point by saying: look here (or there) that is exActly what i mean. Sadly we actually lost one or two persons during the walk but we also picked some ramsløk for the soup!

Question: biggest revelation or discovery?

Answer: That is something i noticed just before the dishes but maybe would have stayed unnoticed without the seminar yesterday: We live in this house exactly 2 years. And we never hovered it, electrically i mean. Somehow we thought it would make sense to do it now, just before leaving to the second manifest, and so we borrowed a machine and guess what: it has an eco button! I have a guilty conscience now that i just hovered the whole house turbo, ignoring it. Yes, do laugh but be aware i have the right brush in my hands to clean dirty mouths!

Question: NO! No wait, calm down, get off and don't get off the hook too fast. Explain the details this time. Clarify and metaphor it a little?

Answer: The simplifying truth is that the Bosch Exclusiv Casa 1400 W is a criminal machine! It is build by the suckers of producers on this planet as a way out, escape, to make the consumers responsible. It is in principle the same as what the Catholic church did in the middle ages with the indulgence, the remission of temporal punishment still due for a sin that has been sacramentally absolved. It is a planned kongsi, scam, of those who withdraw from the huge damage done. They force us to think: We have the choice to make changes! But why not to produce a ecological hoover in the first place or just not to produce? I have been a neatly functioning biodegradable vacuum cleaner for two years in our house without thinking about it and now i have a guilty conscience of doing the house with a noisy sucking turbo Bosch Exclusiv Casa 1400 W with a build-in bolt to go eco if i want??

Question: The towel is soaked.... tears!

( in the background: dishwater going down the drains drowning the sounds of the clock).

12 June 2010

first manifest - prelude

Question: How much less rain than today tomorrow? What is going to happen? Is dropout F S correct when he describes it as if he will be missing fun but less fun than the super nice girl he is with or more like B B calling it a sophisticated holiday he is looking forward to have?

Answer: Rain is a divided sea or billions of little lakes if you want. It depends on your size if you can swim in it or not. I am a dishwasher maybe but certainly no soda machine in their leisure time... so everybody is equal and some are more equal than others. I am the only one who gives myself names but i can be fun to be around with for one day. Move on.

Question: What is a seminar and how does a Natland SB seminar work? What did you prepare for this event? What is the agenda?

Answer: A seed plot is what seminar actually means. So a ground to spread, fertilize and harvest and share the thoughts of those present. I do not think there is much difference between our NSB and those academics in that sense. We will definitely have the playground. We can be the landmine flowers.

Question: Nice?

I am the driver tomorrow of the semicar and i tend to go seemingly without a map or plan. No not seemingly at all. I do not have a map or plan. It is however a method that suits me. I would call it the optimal use of associative thinking, meaning a mental process of making associations between a given subject and all pertinent present factors without drawing on past experience. Free jazz of thinking. Including the hopping and jumping, falling and thumping. I am shaved.

Question: Yes?

There is 9 liters of fish soup on the stove but haven't checked if we have enough plates and spoons to eat it from. Got some extra bread and tea and coffee. Checked with the director managing the space today and there are enough chairs and even a video projector we can use. Thank you South Africa! There are 10 expected guests. Mainly master degree students from the local academy for architecture. Some of which I tutor through their exams. I catch them from the road a little after ten and we start with a visit to the nail in the gallery. That will lead to coffee and introduction of participants. I want to talk about me, Mies, apple and worm and now also evidently mention Polke. Before i am there we are already deep into the matters. I actually see my moderating as one long performance. I have to pump up. This is part of it. And i am as unpredictable as the weather. In the afternoon when it is dry and the sun comes through we go for a walk. A wander around and we see what we find. On that route i have some things hidden: confessions, words and images. Hungry and tired we return. Others can confess too.

Question: Ha, sounds like a Heimat film scenario! The title of the seminar has changed? It was Natland SB how much less is more Seminar 2010 and now it is Natland SB but how much less is more Seminar 2010??

Answer: Yes, i wanted to emphasize my need to get more closer to me and take a slight distance from you.

(in the background: full fat smelly simmering soup)

11 June 2010

first manifest - expectations

Question: It is Thursday night and the days before the seminar were sunny and silent and smelly. Worried?

Answer: It will rain, thanks to X. Natland SB art Galleri can not really bother about the strike going on in the disposing world of nightmen. Less floorspace creates deeper views and the exposements are surrounded by sweet scents. Flies appear as permanent guests. I am not worried about the seminar but do search in my head for a deeper meaning for less. Silly? It is a first born and it needs cuddling. We live in a complicated world because of our ignorance. I do. I do not just aim for a flatter world. Not at all, just...

Question: Stuck? To sustain is to persevere or to suffer? What are you cooking? Did you check the plants?

Answer: Instead of making a program, a schedule, arranging the key, finding the pan, getting access, i made a walk this afternoon to the goldfish pond. Yes, this Allium Ursinum, these particular plants they sadly already flower. Meaning it's taste turns into smells... Sometimes in the process i begin to take the seminar serious too! I pick a film and start to analyze it, ha! For instance participant S P gave me this week a documentary to watch from which i learn that recycling is not only ridiculous but actually criminal. In the mind i decide hypocritically to prolong the time of some items around me. I am no less. The main character in that film says: it is not about right or wrong but we need a whole new way of thinking. I think this idea came to him while driving his car. He is Canadian. I forgive him for that too. Why should i mention his name? Also watched a documentary about Mies... will take back that remark about just form... some of his clever lines i will remember: one about proportions between things... often there is nothing but still there is a proportion... and: only flexibility (in architecture) has value... why is inevitable disappointment embedded in any visionary idea even when there are no expectations connected to it... I do not like martinis, but i share that one with him.

Question: Any last orders?

Answer: Sorry X but do not bother to come the 15th. We are flying!

Question: How much footprints less to walk to Lidéřovice?

(in the background: a clock still ticking, some items around seem to shine and smile more than they normally do, outside it is dark, but not for long)

09 June 2010

first manifest - drops

J W, an expected contributor to the seminar, has send a message he is called for other duties and will not come. J W wrote following: Below is something from a wall in Brussels, seen last weekend. It seemed to me like it could represent a scenario for the seminar!

Natland SB asked for more and got from J W in return:

I offer this short extract from an essay entitled 
Digital Magic, Cybernetic Sorcery: On the Politics of Fascination and Fear by Stephen Pfohl, just published on Ctheory.net

"Everything begins magically in the electricity of communication. The sky crackles with lightning and the atmosphere changes. Oxygen bonds with hydrogen and tears stream down my cheeks. I get e-mail from you and my brain ignites. You keyboard your imagination in the direction of my mind and my spine tingles. Text messages spark suggestive ritual pathways between us as our genes tumble together, magnetized by the rhythms of a time belonging to neither of us alone. We toss and turn in waves of affect, intense but uncertain about what might happen next. Then, when trying to say what any of this really means, even our best words fall face down and flat.

Energetic transmissions loop between us, then reverse rhythm; first layering, then switch tracking, then again back to the flow. In this way we communicate, not by discursive language with all its grandeur and lack, but by synaptic pulsation and a rhythmic oscillation between what fascinates us and what makes us afraid. Here things are actualized in magical rituals of "song, tone, key, rhythm, timing, intonation, loudness, silence, color, odor, taste, touch, shape, gesture, facial expression, body posture, movement, displays, dance, drumming, clicks, whistles, sighs, cries, screams, mimicry, and play."

The whole essay is HERE

first manifest - open agenda

Till now about 12 people have confirmed their participation to the Natland SB how much less is more Seminar 2010 so it will happen this coming Saturday the 12th of June. Nobody is a stranger and everybody at least knows another. YOU are IN and Natland SB counts on you now. A new adventure starts:

The location of the seminar will be in and near the Natland SB art Gallery. So, if you travel from the centre you take for instance trolleybus 2 to the end. Where the Holy Grail is and the parking of KIWI supermarket at Birkelundstoppen. At the pedestrians crossing you follow the sign Natland SB into a small road which slightly goes up and bends left after a while and left again ending on a roundabout with a view. That is where you are expected around 10.30 on that morning. Somewhere along this road you will probably find the strategic moderator too.

For the start of the program an excursion to the Natland SB art Galleri is in the plans. From there it is just a question of continuance. Natland SB Seminar is an experiment but takes the tasks wittingly serious. It aims to be more than just another cup of tea but not that much more. In times of higher expectations the goals are lowered but our limits are aimless towards the sky.

The least: the Seminar is for free except for those who want or can contribute a small token; the suggestion is from 50 NOK up to what ever you carry. Reimbursement in empty bottles is also excepted. Natland SB's next activity is in Lidéřovice on the 24th. Natland SB has no idea how to get there at this moment.

Coffee, tea and some food will be provided. Furthermore: every initiative taken by you to make the Saturday not only sunny is very appreciated.

T P replied: I can bake some rundstykker if you want to.

06 June 2010

first manifest - study material

backwards = forward / double hight = triple sight / maintanance of enemies / stupid = the new loud / less choice = more freedom / the less i do the more i am / contemporary = temporary / global = inter regional / hereafter = here now / capitol of Norway = Minsk / a bird twitters / ulay says: pirates pirate pirates / emotion = neglected intelligence / landmine flowers / i am fat / duchamp's silence = overrated / the world = flat / consumer = product / smaller = bigger / we = who / I want to be fat again / i am too sad to tell you / Ivanhoe = a communist / less = really less / strategic art = public science / i am a dishwasher / tilbake = back.

31 May 2010

first manifest - commitments

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Datum: Monday, 31 May 2010 10:31:30
Von: X An: the disposable curator
Betreff: Re: We can not get in time to your breakfast....

Hi Ron!

Looks both interesting and quit a bit of fun. The questions you arise are very much both critical and interesting. If I understand the project, it is a seminar/workshop were we first of all meet, talk and exchange ideas and thoughts, but are to bring one hunted and failed work of art to exhibit and demolish. Reducing the number of things. Participate in the act of making less. A kind of a new type productivity, and poetic and political answer to a world so completely hung up in consumption that it without exaggeration is about to eat the hole potential future. I would very much like to part of such an act. I have quit a few things on my conscious :) It would probably be a very good idea to decompose them, recompose them, or at least make them into something like a fertilizer for rare flower, trees or other kind of natural growing structure.

About my agenda... It was 12th June? We expect our baby 14th, I participate on a exhibition in Oslo 10th, we are invited to a wedding the same day, let it rain

X - the artist

Monday, 31 May 2010 12:28 Ron Sluik wrote:

Ha X,

You are mixing up some things but i am happy, very happy, with your letter. The seminar is the seminar on the 12th of June. The art works disposal (or Hall of Shame) is (maybe) in October during B-OPEN. You have enough time to collect your rubbish. In between is the meeting around a rectangular table in Lidéřovice. So if you can not make it because of an opening on the 10th, wedding on the 12th and a baby on the 14th I invite you for my son's birthday on the 15th. He will be there 2.

R - the disposable curator

30 May 2010

first manifest - clarifications

Answer: Who says that the title is too cryptic?

Question: That is what some say after reading the invitation for the seminar. Maybe to give some rough insight information of the research done with a sauce of spicy social anthropological arguments and plenty micro-macro statistics and graphics as proof.

Answer: Where to start? In Carnac? Again... architect Mies van der Rohe was the one to use the phrase " less = more " and mainly referring to form. The present situation of our society is however asking for much more less. In the near future the word less will have an extended meaning and most probably replace a silly word like recyclable. It has to. But that makes you immediately think about how much less it is gonna be, does it not? Will it be a happy degressing future or are we finally waking up and getting the job done?

Question: no kidding... actually sounds pretty serious.

(in the background: a clock is ticking, some children are playing, bicycle is passing, fine volcano ashes cover the ground and suppress the sounds in Natland).

27 May 2010

second manifest - bed arrangements

photo Tomas Amos Kouba
-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Datum: Wed, 26 May 2010 22:30 Tomas wrote to Ron:

Ha Duke,

There is 3 different kind of people.
1.hotel type
2.something between
3.sleeps drunk in hay in a barn.

Let me know what type of people is coming and how many, for how many days.
When I am there, I´ll arrange a place to sleep for them.


On 26 May 2010 19:23, Ron Sluik wrote:

what about sleeping places for other people?

Somewhere near is maybe a hotel

or private people in the village with spare beds?


first manifest - observations

'can I have a little bit more less tits' - more text

26 May 2010

first manifest - experiments

'Dobler du høyden, tredobles utsikten' - more text

25 May 2010

second manifest - directions

photo: Tomas Amos Kouba
-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Betreff: Ha King Tomas - Here is Duke Bacon!
On 24 May 2010 10:53, Ron S wrote to Tomas K:

Need to know the possibilities how to get there so we can tell THE OTHERS. 24 June is a Thursday. Maybe we fly to Krakow and take a bus or train from there... or Ryanair to Osijek!

Betreff: Re: Ha King Tomas - Here is Duke Bacon!
Datum: Mon, 24 May 2010 23:17:18 +0300, Tomas K wrote to Ron S:

Did not noticed Your last mail.
So, everyone can search for his own route at


at the bottom of the page is a sign for ENGL/GER
What is also possible is to search connection to LIPOLEC and than walk through wood 3 km. The browser doesn't know about this possibility. Or to come to DACICE and than walk 7 km or take a taxi from there. It could be best for everyone to print a small map from the net of Liderovice- Dacice area.

We could make that fish soup or we could buy a little pig and a barrel of beer. If there will be many people coming.

By the way, do U use skype?

fourth manifest - proposal

B Open has invited Natland SB art Galleri to participate in their event in Bergen (28.10 - 01.11). Natland SB has proposed 3 projects to B Open. Green light was returned. Natland SB has now skipped the second proposal due to the amount of work involved and the enthusiasm of B Open:

1. Natland SB Open Museum:
Kunstmuseum Bergen exhibits during one day on one nail an artwork made by anybody (who wants to participate) next to the best work the museum has in stock (according to Natland SB's taste). The length of the exhibition of one work is about 5 minutes (depends on demand). The works are limited in size and weight by the fact that they must be able to hang on that nail. A photo is made of the artist in between the 2 exhibited works. A website catalog is realized to show the beauties for eternity and as proof for the participants they really exhibited in a genuine museum. Natland SB and B Open make an open call in the local newspapers and online beforehand which leads to the artists standing in line.

2. deleted

3. Natland SB Hall of Shame:
Visual artists in Bergen deliver one of their art works they always wanted to get rid of but which for whatever reason is still hanging around and in the way. Natland SB helps the artist with a dilemma and the art out of misery and prevents the work to end up on display without consent after for instance the sudden death of the artist by getting it disposed immediately.... but not after exhibiting it for just one day. Kind of exposements of Entartete Kunst in all it's purity. Natland SB wants to ask the Bergen Arkitekt Skole in Sandviken to use the empty silo for this event. A website catalog of the works is made which will be deleted the day after it is finished. The Bergen commune supports the event by sponsoring a container.

The Natland SB director managing expects no obstacles on the way.

24 May 2010

first manifest - mailing

-----Original Message-----
From: post natland [mailto:postnatland@gmail.com]
Sent: Mon 5/24/2010 4:28 PM

To: Y
Subject: would you be willing to send this to all Your readers?

*Natland SB art Galleri* is inviting to participate in the:
*Natland SB how much less is more Seminar 2010*
12 June - 10.00 - 22.00 - Bergen Norway.
(exact location will be revealed in a later stage)
Read more about it on Natland SB outdoor
. Host is the former contemporary artist Ron Sluik
Visit Natland SB art Galleri or contact us: postnatland@gmail.com

On 24 May 2010 17:38, Y wrote:
Hei Ron

The seminar info is a little bit cryptic for me, and i even know you a little bit.
Could you possibly give more detail, or is it all about how less is more- is this the conceptual framework for the seminar?
Who will be speaking?
I can make a post about this on X but I need a little bit more information.
Oh yes- I would love to participate as well. But I cannot make it until ten in the evening, A will be in B and I on my own with C.
But until C is back from D, put me up as a participant.

Cheers and see you soon

Not much later Ron Sluik replied:

You make me smile Y,

No it is not cryptic at all but rather metaphoric maybe. Let's call it visual language. I always work like this and i always get away with it and that is for a long time now. I do actually believe that in my method more things are outspoken than in the genuine art historic review.

I am not a theoretician and see as any sane artist all things out there just as tools to use. I would have invited Marcel D and Joseph B but they are both dead and would not have come anyway. Please look at the attached picture: Funny i found this book yesterday behind KIWI and read, ha ha ! There is part of the answer! (click on photo to enlarge).

The way i experience art has maybe left us already during the interbellum period. Appel was still fun when he said: I do not paint i hit.

Senis Besmegenis promised to see if he could come and thought of taking Carla T. Hauser with him. Can not get through to David Hammons. Hirst would love to speak but i can not stand his voice. Mies van der Rohe was the first one to use the phrase 'less = more'. It is all in wiki.

We are living in a time changing. Boring part looks over and the devoluting part is ready to begin. But how much can we handle? How much less?

Hilsen, Ronnie the disposable curator of Natland SB art Galleri.

first manifest - participants

Natland SB how much less is more Seminar 2010 Bergen

...but those who do not take the following serious are not invited to participate anyway.

Natland SB art Galleri has nailed me to be the main host This event will happen on Saturday the 12th of June in Bergen Norway and takes more or less half of a day starting at 10.00 in the morning and ending at 10.00 in the evening.

The seminar is intended to be an intensive and interactive exchange of thoughts and views, tools, tips and methods. It might be some times academic relevant but in the mean time as easily disposable. The day includes lectures, viewings and a meal. It will include out- & indoor fieldwork and discussion & research to make us hungry enough. It aims to develop and enhance our mental resistance, multiply several mental tools which are worthwhile in times to come. I like to focus on emotion as a creativity and discuss our personal ethics within global forms, explore associative thinking, revalue our self-positioned bastions and introduce the true meaning of senism.

Participants have to be at least open towards Natland SB art Galleri activities. I dislike to waste the day on monologues of attack and defense (yes it is, no it is not) I intend to create a constructive playgrounds for the exploration of the temporary subjects which will pass.

As mentioned before there are no guarantees for the outcome or success of the seminar and it might feel like a day on the tracks with dangerous speeds, cross overs, unexpected side roads, new views and some dangerous blindfolded shortcuts but always with good spirit, a right sense of size, Duchampian enthusiasm and tolerance. But i warn you to make sure to get your piece of the cake.

The location will be at a later date revealed to the participants after their confirmation. There is limited space. Natland SB art Galleri takes responsibility for the selection. Persons interested are urged to contact as soon as possible. The conversation language will be second hand English.

Natland SB art Galleri is fresh and independent. The Seminar is for free except for those who want or can contribute a small token. The moderator is a moonlighter.

contact: postnatland@gmail.com

21 May 2010

second manifest - invitation


The second Natland SB art Galleri outdoor manifest this summer is the meeting in a Moravian village on Thursday 24th of June 2010. This is for invited guests only but persons who show up uninvited will not be rejected.

For any questions and further details you are kindly requested to contact us and we will personally attend to it swiftly. But there are not too many answers to be expected.This is simply a plea to get some adventure back.

contact: postnatland@gmail.com