11 January 2011

seventh manifest - in other words

seminar 2 movement 1 (video)

Hei Du, this is a personal invitation to participate in the 2nd Natland SB but how much less is more Seminar 2011 in Bergen.

The Natland SB seminars deal through visual arts, ethics and philosophy and other loose ends with global issues, prospects and visions on future developments. If you dare to walk the line of fiction and reality and if you are not easily disappointed. If you like to actively participate in conversations and challenges and not at all scared of mirrors and contradictions and like to explore new matters whatever the outcome is, if you admit that the universe is big, if you have all the time to spend on Saturday the 12th of February 2011, then please step forward and answer this call.

The program is being compiled by Sluik R, the disposable curator at Natland SB galleri. This man has an extensive history as an audio visual and mixed media artist, notorious wanderer, committed tutor and dazzling lecturer, global organizer and solo activist. In Bergen he has been working in recent past with BAS, BEK and KHIB.

The event will take place near the premises of the Natland SB art Galleri from the morning 11.30 until the evening. Due to the limited amount of chairs you are urged to sign in for the event as soon as possible by sending an email to: postnatland@gmail.com or by leaving a message on Facebook.

After signing in you will receive specific information about program and location. The conversation language will be second hand English. Natland SB art Galleri is already less fresh and depending on you. The Seminar is not for free. A small token is accepted. The host is still a true moonlighter.

Hilsen, S B (Sb)

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