15 January 2011

va dee natland sb?

Now the difficult part comes... so... what is Natland SB?

Natland SB is initiated in Bergen Norway and run by Hilde N (the director managing) and Sluik R (a disposable curator). The issues it exposes, items it presents are collected from their immediate surroundings.

Natland SB continues a thought and questions a quote made popular by German architect Mies van der Rohe: less is more. Natland SB agrees and suggests to add in this century: but how much.

Natland SB dismisses todays trend of a future recyclable and sustainable society as a modern indulgence to ease the soul. Natland SB investigates the decomposability of contemporary art forms meanwhile contributing to clarify the fact art is the only stable science humans have.

Natland SB started as an online gallery showing daily objects they and their neighbors want to get rid of at the communal waste facilities of a housing estate just north of Paradis. In this compound was conveniently enough already a nail in the wall. Natland SB simply started to hang the rejects on this nail, photograph and publish them.

Natland SB also organizes happenings like seminars and meetings of the rectangular table. Natland SB furthermore gets involved into other outdoor matters like a gallery on site or the temporary participation in so-called artistic dialogs.

One effect of the Natland SB activities is less visual rubbish around some places. This might be in the end the biggest contribution. Natland SB is without sorrows.

Vem er Sb Natland?

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