10 January 2011

seventh manifest - prewording

seminar 2 movement 1 video (norske versjon)

I like that word: happening. Little old fashioned with an optimist sound covers it accurately, this so-called 2nd Natland SB but how much less is more Seminar 2011. Yes, I am doing it again next month, be moderator or more like master of ceremony. One could ask what disposable curators are not useful for, or rephrased, one could ask what the kinds of me are not disposable for, ha? I do not tell what I come up with next.

The 1st Seminar last June was mainly an SB Natlandian introduction to the actual quote of Mies vd R, therefor it also focused or directly leaned heavily on architecture. I guess some summer words will be repeated, nothing wrong with good repetition, but i like to up heave the whole issue a little over and away from history re-interpreted and consumed and to put it closer to the occurring of the crossroad we stand on close to this present, now or being before the mind. More in the spirit of: we all know that it is wrong… what could be a way to react or better act to that matter, taking or leaving it. Natland SB has received once or twice a compliment for the added but how much and right so!

I sound vague? You say: again? Indefinite? You want it spelled out and supported by numbers and statistics? A pampered trajectory with keywords guide lining to safe haven? You want me to kick your only brain out? I could do with lesser words you mean? OK, wise ape, agreed, but how much less? I get so sick of this… what i said is… but what i mean is… are you listening? This is supposed to be a constructive dialog clarifying the upcoming event for the uninformed and healthy curious. I know you are not professor Y and I am still but just a former contemporary artist. We already dealed with that in our past that our world is rather based on emotionalism than on intellectualism, you smart ass! They all stopped reading, you say? Who started it? Let's stop this before we turn green…. (breath)

The Natland SB seminars and rectangular table meetings are deleuzian happenings where one goes for a organized forest walk and get¢s introduced to several trees seemingly standing random around but after a while it all makes sense and you trust your eyes when you see them actually move a little and change position but do not expect not to get lost in the woods. Just get in, sign on and join that day. It is a fun ride almost for free.

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