02 November 2010

sixth manifest -Nabroad publication


SB: This is the requested contribution for NABROAD magazine MÅG and therefore automatically the Sixth Manifest of Natland SB. It is made up in Fonte Nuova Lazio Italy just before the 2nd Meeting of the Rectangular Table could happen which makes this present again history. That clearly means it has no value but should nevertheless be taken into account seriously. We have an interview. S answers while B asks. We leave out the real questions of the beginning: enough words are spoiled and an equal amount of images is exposed already.

In tweet Natland SB art Galleri is a thought conceived in Bergen Norway and is run by a director managing and a disposable curator. It has furthermore no need for artists to participate in the continuation.

Those who do not follow can be dismissed. We are with too many anyway. The mistakes in this text are intentional or can be considered as a flowering truth. There is no discussion… only double mono conversation. Who is addressed? Hmm…it is clear nobody and nothing will be good enough but just temporary sufficient. There are simply not too many tunes on our flute left.


B: Natland SB has entered not so long ago the Bergen suburban art scene! Does it already economically pay off? Does Natland SB want to make name and fame or is it just escaping responsibilities, staying safely indoors confusing the private for public domain, annoying it with domestic sorrows? Is Natland SB touching any global issues or should we turn some extra lights on? Can Natland SB count till 10 in Norwegian? How Norwegian and how abroad is Natland SB anyway? Green is not your favourite colour? Natland SB hates messy situations? Are you gay?

S: You smell like snow from last year sniffed and pissed on by more than one dog although the glasses you wear disturb the setting. Oh, I will obey the intro not to re-chew too much which can be googled as long it is permitted by those who control our bu..…

B:This is a good start! It does not help much watching more hard talk. Let me try the other and much greater of the legs: What a splendid initiative: Natland SB! What a load of energy exposed in such short time! Does it intend to continue in this top gear and make a difference on long perspectives? The slogan used for the first seminar seems to have shaken some. How much less is more now? Natland SB choices newly balance the aesthetics with the ethics? What is behind it and who is in front?

S: To be kind to the ignorant and short for the followers: Natland SB is a, significant or not, initiative founded around a nail and a couple of bins north of Paradis and south from Slettenbakken. Natland SB started exposing objects less than a year ago and as ever too late but Natland SB at least has created a unique tribute for these inconvenient ready mades. It is a last resort for the ignored, unseen, wasted, abandoned and unwanted creatures, art rejects. Just getting rid of it is not enough and a last salute is welcomed. A repetition focused on the future. Beyond contemporary art is only the temporary art left: the eternal returns. It is rhizoming Duchamps and Nietzsche … nothing new either. The valuable view is the one that changes. Natland SB claims that the ever important economy has turned the consumer into the perfect product itself already. New market economy has overcome the handicaps the old fascism had not mastered yet. Coming to the nationality issue which is seemingly a hot item in the excluding world: Natland SB obviously shows mainly works that are made in China but it is not pinned down before a Norwegian touch was added. It has been consummated Nordically. On the other hand… yes, it could have been initiated elsewhere too but it was not… the nail itself has no passport. How much nationality can a product have anyway: Oil has no…

B: So predictable…screaming neo communist slogans, quickly backing off, getting political correct and leaving the art for what it is...ha… Omnipotent Deo Natland SB is at the moment far south of Bergen and as much north of Rome? That can not be a coincidence. I continue the thought: Natland SB is scared of big and fast and noisy? Post modern Arte Povera is not really the tea party it could get involved in and the nail is a convenient gimmick. Natland SB is a trendy playmate of nothing complementing the already existing arrogant Scandinavian bore! A perfect scapegoat and hide away for the coward! Anything to add so far, San Benito?

S: Correct again mighty snow bandit: Natland SB has no guts, is too polite to insult to the core and frankly too educated and formed to formulate any original thoughts, just enough monkey to entertain a little within it’s own flock. No great art can be expected from Natland SB, not much more than additional, in the best case multi correct culture instead of that oh so great exalting Arte Povera which changed the looks of this planet so drastically and the pockets of a few. We agree on that too! But Natland SB does not really care about that at all, it just does not care about that, it does no… (long silence)… The nail is also old but yes… the galleri is a pretty neat place, well ordered and looked after and the staff is not sufficiently aware of the danger of taking out the needle… eh…that nail from the real issue that all humans are pieces of unsustainable fucking shit in various united colors… at least there we are equal.

B: Hoho parrot, get out of your golden horn of plenty. You think you can get away with this attitude of licking my balls? Be aware that like those balls of David Hammonds the price goes up with the size. Are you tough enough for that? Put your hands where I can see them. I realize now you got them dirty dealing with the filth you call exposements but are indeed excrements.

S: Can I ask in return: what are you so stressed and uptight about, dear temporary observer. Is it not just passing time all we do? After all it is in perfect Christian tradition to judge the other: I am so good and they are so evil! Fundamental right. Wrong? You want me to impersonate a detached Greenpeace caretaking metallic monk smelling farts twice during this constructed interview? No, before you continue I refuse to do so and demand your balls on the table instead and… and please take those silly Corbu specs off!

B: … rhetoric bla bla mumble… you do not think those spectacles fit me? Thought it would make me kind of more approved … more whi… more sophisticated and it goes so well with the red scarf, the new dress and the complementing handbag I discovered at Freetex…can I go to the toilet? Any last words? Keep it short.

S: Pinekjøtt.

B: Can I go now? I can not hold it any longer! I am dripping in my knickers!

SB: So, B disposes himself while S thinks about Lazio and starts staring under the table at the hands and for an unexpected maecenas. They both leave prints behind. The word “recycle” is a dirty word and therefore not used. Concluding we are not doing well and our date is expired. The task however is clearly done.

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