30 November 2010

sixth manifest - no more time for a right pair of spectacles.

So now it is kind of published in that great Nabroad Måg and out in the open for all invited members to read and even though it is about a month old it does not really smell yet although it is dirty washing. And that is exactly what is bothering. Bravely mentioning some balls but no fucking clinging and hanging on to them till they tear off, burst open and drop! It is rare that some outsiders request Natland SB a contribution without restrictions. And what does Natland SB do? It cowardly starts to masturbate nonsense double hearted… and avoiding the bitter truth, what a missed opportunity.
Oh, how much braver it had been if Natland SB would have declared that all artists of today calling themselves contemporary are just hypocrites and would have ignored the call. That Norway has great views but only if you stand on the right spot. That l`Art pour l`Art is actually art Poor art and rots in hell. If Natland SB could have claimed that actually the greater real art is being the ultimate, the highest, the only exact science on this planet.

Natland SB should have preached to them that Art is the only road to Salvation. No… Natland SB sings worse than professore Moreschi! No no, Natland SB missed the moment to declare that good art makes you tremble and cry, gives you a hard on and makes you wet between the legs, makes you not only sweat but physically ill, vomit and tremble of fear and excitement, pure joy! Natland should have taken the chance to say all this design and Dezeen shit made today is not valid to be considered looking at and is not worth to be disposed.

Natland SB missed the guts to question all this current waste of energy on preserving and dealing and monetizing. Natland did not declare war to the herd of so called modern curators and arthritic hyenas and dinosaurs. Natland SB ignored to mention the global disaster of artists failure to make a stand of difference; to overrule the economics and to take the responsibility to lead mankind to a really better world. Natland SB per Sempre? Do not make me cry more…

It would have made soo much difference if Natland SB would have spoken out to Måggie because consequently the whole planet would be in movement now in becoming the better place… if Natland SB just had penetrated the core and would have drawn a line. Natland SB is a galleri of poverty and full incestuous diseases like all others alike! That was clear from the beginning and can therefore not be mentioned here enough: Loud!

Now Natland SB also likes to advise Nabroad to join that herd earlier mentioned.

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