31 May 2010

first manifest - commitments

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Datum: Monday, 31 May 2010 10:31:30
Von: X An: the disposable curator
Betreff: Re: We can not get in time to your breakfast....

Hi Ron!

Looks both interesting and quit a bit of fun. The questions you arise are very much both critical and interesting. If I understand the project, it is a seminar/workshop were we first of all meet, talk and exchange ideas and thoughts, but are to bring one hunted and failed work of art to exhibit and demolish. Reducing the number of things. Participate in the act of making less. A kind of a new type productivity, and poetic and political answer to a world so completely hung up in consumption that it without exaggeration is about to eat the hole potential future. I would very much like to part of such an act. I have quit a few things on my conscious :) It would probably be a very good idea to decompose them, recompose them, or at least make them into something like a fertilizer for rare flower, trees or other kind of natural growing structure.

About my agenda... It was 12th June? We expect our baby 14th, I participate on a exhibition in Oslo 10th, we are invited to a wedding the same day, let it rain

X - the artist

Monday, 31 May 2010 12:28 Ron Sluik wrote:

Ha X,

You are mixing up some things but i am happy, very happy, with your letter. The seminar is the seminar on the 12th of June. The art works disposal (or Hall of Shame) is (maybe) in October during B-OPEN. You have enough time to collect your rubbish. In between is the meeting around a rectangular table in Lidéřovice. So if you can not make it because of an opening on the 10th, wedding on the 12th and a baby on the 14th I invite you for my son's birthday on the 15th. He will be there 2.

R - the disposable curator

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