30 May 2010

first manifest - clarifications

Answer: Who says that the title is too cryptic?

Question: That is what some say after reading the invitation for the seminar. Maybe to give some rough insight information of the research done with a sauce of spicy social anthropological arguments and plenty micro-macro statistics and graphics as proof.

Answer: Where to start? In Carnac? Again... architect Mies van der Rohe was the one to use the phrase " less = more " and mainly referring to form. The present situation of our society is however asking for much more less. In the near future the word less will have an extended meaning and most probably replace a silly word like recyclable. It has to. But that makes you immediately think about how much less it is gonna be, does it not? Will it be a happy degressing future or are we finally waking up and getting the job done?

Question: no kidding... actually sounds pretty serious.

(in the background: a clock is ticking, some children are playing, bicycle is passing, fine volcano ashes cover the ground and suppress the sounds in Natland).

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