27 May 2010

second manifest - bed arrangements

photo Tomas Amos Kouba
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Datum: Wed, 26 May 2010 22:30 Tomas wrote to Ron:

Ha Duke,

There is 3 different kind of people.
1.hotel type
2.something between
3.sleeps drunk in hay in a barn.

Let me know what type of people is coming and how many, for how many days.
When I am there, I´ll arrange a place to sleep for them.


On 26 May 2010 19:23, Ron Sluik wrote:

what about sleeping places for other people?

Somewhere near is maybe a hotel

or private people in the village with spare beds?



  1. rob sleeps drunk or not in the hay in a barn...
    but what... what about intellectual/moral/cultural packages?
    Some training and/or exercises needed in advance?
    and... not to forget; provisions (food and beverages!)
    Survival kit?

  2. all in it's time and we have loads of it.