18 January 2011

eighth manifest goes to edinburg

movement 1 (video)

Natland SB is pretty much finished with the box thing at the moment and just wonders how to accurately get rid of it. Now it is working on some new activities. One of them is the following. In between the daily junkmail an invitation was received for participation in a heavy project to be held in November 2012 in Edinburgh. Natland SB immediately presumed it has the right tune, it must have been the title of the event, and send the following proposal:

To the committee members and organizers of the ELMCIP event 2012 in Edinburgh.

Sb Natland likes to recommend Natland SB as an uplifting contribution to your intended event.

Then the usual blabla about ourselves... continuing with:

2nd: why Natland SB could fit in your plans?

Natland SB realizes that the following sketch is a periferic or even borderline proposal but would like to emphasize that one needs at least one of these cases to clarify what is actually happening in the centre. Low key work simplifying the actual complicated matters, or in other words: a 21st century fluxus mode or a so-called friendly bug.

Natland SB suggests to become during the conference a temporary interactive observer of the event focusing on the footprints, the leftovers, ignored, disposed and rejected and to present its findings by means of a non existing exhibition, a reworded lecture, a final meeting of the rectangular table using e-cast. An artists recycling of any material left within the premises. A self reflecting mechanism within the event. A long-term time-based (non) art form.

Natland SB intends to make exposements with the actual material (any) which is disposed by other presentations, exhibitions, artists, audience and conference speakers etc. Natland SB follows deleuzian methods of action and reaction (MAB-BCZ) and is hoping for a Stendhal effect. Trust is convenient. So, the tools and means are simple and do not involve much or external investments. No actual space is needed but access is asked.

Sb Natland is very willing to clarify any questions or remarks. You are also welcome to visit.

By the way: Your project leader Scott R and our disposable curator Sluik R have met at a BUU conference in Oslo (2009).

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