18 January 2011

sixth manifest - career opportunities

An email conversation between Nabroad (NA) and Natland (SB):

NA: Dear S, we very much enjoyed your contribution to måg issue two. So we would like to invite you to contribute with another text for måg issue four.
-would this be of interest to you? We would of course use the same terms as last time (no editing of your text). Let me know what you think! Best, A D & måg editorial team

SB: thinks that is was pretty much hurt last time... not too happy.

NA: Sorry about that! We liked working with you. Best, A.

SB: Would we get the front page?

SB: Or.... would we get on the front page?

NA: Hi again, All our contributers are listed on the front page. If you look at the last issue you are listed. Cammilla Low is on the next front page.

SB: Can we have the cover of number 5? (Are you always so serious A?)

NA: Hi, Yes, quite serious particularly at work :) We have already front page covers for the next 4 issues. Sorry about that. Best, A

SB: We are also sorry. We hate work. We have to look at your proposal and decide if another publication is any good for us too.

NA: ?

SB: well you see... we are reformers. And ask ourselves: what is in it for us? LOOK a mouse!!! It is complicated, A, but.... we at SB actually fight against todays art and you are a believer.

After a good night sleep and worried why there was no answer from NA...

SB: Dear NA, we discussed the matter here and came up with the following suggestion: could we have the backside instead of the frontside of number 4?

Hilsen, Natland SB team


  1. Nabroad on Facebook (19.01.2011): very excited to be able to work and collaborate with so many skilled artists and individuals thanks for following and befriending!

  2. SB Natland was taken off Facebook on 20.01...

    Eva Natland has taken over her work at the moment.