07 October 2010

fifth manifest - global directions

Natland SB ha sempre ragioni!

Some deleuzians say it is not an issue of the right answer but always about a good question, mmm. So Natland SB is getting ready for the second rectangular table.

Yes the postmodern Arte Povera found us this time a villa outside of the walls of Rome! Here we start with making a pencil point again and again and discuss the honesty of the materials. We teach in silence. Your flexibility is asked for. Less is a bore? Let us show what to do. Let us show what the hell went wrong! But flexibility is not enough anymore: how much less is more is ready for a next step. We are.

There is no individualistic artform. And Mies already said that it is all about the proportion of things, the proportion between the thing, often there is nothing but still there is a proportion. In Benito’s fraziones we find the clarity and discipline. We do not accept any longer that the stupid are the (new) loud. We know that philosophy dislikes discussion because it has something better to do: Trotzdem and despite and with and thanks to Jannis? Yes?

So we meet this time in Fonte Nuova (new well) on the last sunday of October in 2010. The first winterday according to those who rule clocks. Call it fatal romanticism but we are not giving in. We are not throwing the towels, merely bricks! Knights get on your horses there is a battle to fight.

Meetingpoint: Villa Settembrini in Fonte Nuova on Sunday, starting 11 in the morning on the 31 of october 2010.

Contact for further details: postnatland@gmail.com

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