25 May 2010

second manifest - directions

photo: Tomas Amos Kouba
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Betreff: Ha King Tomas - Here is Duke Bacon!
On 24 May 2010 10:53, Ron S wrote to Tomas K:

Need to know the possibilities how to get there so we can tell THE OTHERS. 24 June is a Thursday. Maybe we fly to Krakow and take a bus or train from there... or Ryanair to Osijek!

Betreff: Re: Ha King Tomas - Here is Duke Bacon!
Datum: Mon, 24 May 2010 23:17:18 +0300, Tomas K wrote to Ron S:

Did not noticed Your last mail.
So, everyone can search for his own route at


at the bottom of the page is a sign for ENGL/GER
What is also possible is to search connection to LIPOLEC and than walk through wood 3 km. The browser doesn't know about this possibility. Or to come to DACICE and than walk 7 km or take a taxi from there. It could be best for everyone to print a small map from the net of Liderovice- Dacice area.

We could make that fish soup or we could buy a little pig and a barrel of beer. If there will be many people coming.

By the way, do U use skype?

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