25 May 2010

fourth manifest - proposal

B Open has invited Natland SB art Galleri to participate in their event in Bergen (28.10 - 01.11). Natland SB has proposed 3 projects to B Open. Green light was returned. Natland SB has now skipped the second proposal due to the amount of work involved and the enthusiasm of B Open:

1. Natland SB Open Museum:
Kunstmuseum Bergen exhibits during one day on one nail an artwork made by anybody (who wants to participate) next to the best work the museum has in stock (according to Natland SB's taste). The length of the exhibition of one work is about 5 minutes (depends on demand). The works are limited in size and weight by the fact that they must be able to hang on that nail. A photo is made of the artist in between the 2 exhibited works. A website catalog is realized to show the beauties for eternity and as proof for the participants they really exhibited in a genuine museum. Natland SB and B Open make an open call in the local newspapers and online beforehand which leads to the artists standing in line.

2. deleted

3. Natland SB Hall of Shame:
Visual artists in Bergen deliver one of their art works they always wanted to get rid of but which for whatever reason is still hanging around and in the way. Natland SB helps the artist with a dilemma and the art out of misery and prevents the work to end up on display without consent after for instance the sudden death of the artist by getting it disposed immediately.... but not after exhibiting it for just one day. Kind of exposements of Entartete Kunst in all it's purity. Natland SB wants to ask the Bergen Arkitekt Skole in Sandviken to use the empty silo for this event. A website catalog of the works is made which will be deleted the day after it is finished. The Bergen commune supports the event by sponsoring a container.

The Natland SB director managing expects no obstacles on the way.

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