24 May 2010

first manifest - mailing

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*Natland SB art Galleri* is inviting to participate in the:
*Natland SB how much less is more Seminar 2010*
12 June - 10.00 - 22.00 - Bergen Norway.
(exact location will be revealed in a later stage)
Read more about it on Natland SB outdoor
. Host is the former contemporary artist Ron Sluik
Visit Natland SB art Galleri or contact us: postnatland@gmail.com

On 24 May 2010 17:38, Y wrote:
Hei Ron

The seminar info is a little bit cryptic for me, and i even know you a little bit.
Could you possibly give more detail, or is it all about how less is more- is this the conceptual framework for the seminar?
Who will be speaking?
I can make a post about this on X but I need a little bit more information.
Oh yes- I would love to participate as well. But I cannot make it until ten in the evening, A will be in B and I on my own with C.
But until C is back from D, put me up as a participant.

Cheers and see you soon

Not much later Ron Sluik replied:

You make me smile Y,

No it is not cryptic at all but rather metaphoric maybe. Let's call it visual language. I always work like this and i always get away with it and that is for a long time now. I do actually believe that in my method more things are outspoken than in the genuine art historic review.

I am not a theoretician and see as any sane artist all things out there just as tools to use. I would have invited Marcel D and Joseph B but they are both dead and would not have come anyway. Please look at the attached picture: Funny i found this book yesterday behind KIWI and read, ha ha ! There is part of the answer! (click on photo to enlarge).

The way i experience art has maybe left us already during the interbellum period. Appel was still fun when he said: I do not paint i hit.

Senis Besmegenis promised to see if he could come and thought of taking Carla T. Hauser with him. Can not get through to David Hammons. Hirst would love to speak but i can not stand his voice. Mies van der Rohe was the first one to use the phrase 'less = more'. It is all in wiki.

We are living in a time changing. Boring part looks over and the devoluting part is ready to begin. But how much can we handle? How much less?

Hilsen, Ronnie the disposable curator of Natland SB art Galleri.

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