24 May 2010

first manifest - participants

Natland SB how much less is more Seminar 2010 Bergen

...but those who do not take the following serious are not invited to participate anyway.

Natland SB art Galleri has nailed me to be the main host This event will happen on Saturday the 12th of June in Bergen Norway and takes more or less half of a day starting at 10.00 in the morning and ending at 10.00 in the evening.

The seminar is intended to be an intensive and interactive exchange of thoughts and views, tools, tips and methods. It might be some times academic relevant but in the mean time as easily disposable. The day includes lectures, viewings and a meal. It will include out- & indoor fieldwork and discussion & research to make us hungry enough. It aims to develop and enhance our mental resistance, multiply several mental tools which are worthwhile in times to come. I like to focus on emotion as a creativity and discuss our personal ethics within global forms, explore associative thinking, revalue our self-positioned bastions and introduce the true meaning of senism.

Participants have to be at least open towards Natland SB art Galleri activities. I dislike to waste the day on monologues of attack and defense (yes it is, no it is not) I intend to create a constructive playgrounds for the exploration of the temporary subjects which will pass.

As mentioned before there are no guarantees for the outcome or success of the seminar and it might feel like a day on the tracks with dangerous speeds, cross overs, unexpected side roads, new views and some dangerous blindfolded shortcuts but always with good spirit, a right sense of size, Duchampian enthusiasm and tolerance. But i warn you to make sure to get your piece of the cake.

The location will be at a later date revealed to the participants after their confirmation. There is limited space. Natland SB art Galleri takes responsibility for the selection. Persons interested are urged to contact as soon as possible. The conversation language will be second hand English.

Natland SB art Galleri is fresh and independent. The Seminar is for free except for those who want or can contribute a small token. The moderator is a moonlighter.

contact: postnatland@gmail.com

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