10 July 2010

manifest 3 - finish sonata

email correspondence via RHIZ network:

How is Pekka, still in Genevan surroundings? In September i will be teaching in Lahti at least from 6 till 18. Looking for more activities and thought maybe you could suggest or tip: thinking of some Natland SB outdoor activities like a rectangular table meeting or a spontaneous seminar or an exhibition in some off gallery space with disposable temporary art. R

Hey Ron, back in Finland. wooh, never leaving anywhere anymore. Feel like sleeping 7 weeks.

in September, we have 5 artist doing residency here in Hämeenkyrö, we are located 45 km from Tampere. I know that there is a quite active performance scene in Lahti, and a bar called Torvi, a punk bar, where Sex Pistols has played, before they got famous.

We could keep some scitzofrenic event somewhere, yes. in here or in Lahti. Maybe on radio? I am a good friend of radio channel owner. Maybe we could have a freestyle one hour for some night doing some noise art, hehe. Suggest something, i am just recovering from stress, and trying to remind my mind buddha at least few more days.

Cheers pal, Pekka.

Honorable Mr. Tits, here are the points from Natland:

as the disposable curator of the Natland SB galleri I like the sound of the radio.

It is simple. In short the proposal is the following: attached is a little piece of ripped paper with notes. It is some simple melody Natland S B walked into last week in Prag but has not tried to whistle yet. There is actually quite a scitzofrenic history behind it. That story is the red line for the radio broadcast. It has all the details for a scruffy soggy soap episode.

For radio we need music so the idea is to get some (23!) people to play the notes and send small audio files to us. We get this way some disposed music re-visited before it decomposes again. We spread the word and put some announcements out using the networks we have. It will all sound awful and that is just the point. We could cover that up, sauce and sell it with a serious subtitle like: the Final History of Temporary Music - a reconstruction of revisited preludic sounds in E minor.

We start spreading the news and you call your radiofriend for prime time! R

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