08 July 2010

second manifest - afterbarking

Answer: Natland S B team returned this Tuesday from 3 weeks in the Czech republic. Good time spend and some time wasted. Tomas was definitely right about the lack of round tables. There were actually 3 or more rectangular ones though in the premises. The meeting was spread over a period of as many days. Good men came early from afar and near by all means: foot or scooter included. Some did not manage or find. They were very missed and were not missed at all. It all worked with the tools available. Circumstances were sufficiently rough to create the right positions. No escaping. No need to check the bus schedule. There was simply no hike passing by.

Question: So the question of how much footprints less to walk to Lidéřovice is not relevant anymore? Been doing what? Burning straws? Willing to share a piece of that action or a look into the oven? Give a picture! Preferably a cloudy foggy smelly smoking one.
Answer: To start with the last request; pictures were given from the start. Mainly pictures and no more. But how could that have been different when... when there was none... and we are still in Miesian tangling. Now those pictures have an inside, a backside, a view through. Who was there knows what is behind that door, knows where to find the bottles, knows what communist hay smells like, picks the right paper, knows how short a speech can be, knows to get a chair that does not wobble, makes coffee smile on a graveyard. It is nice to expand or reverse the view of just an image. It reaches beyond expectations. It actually creates new rooms, new roads, widens horizons and triples the view, ha! It is an hour and five minutes to the nearest shop from that place where the rectangular table stood but you have to go straight where others go left otherwise it is more. Straw... straw! It was good. It was all so good. Nothing really more happened there though and not much less was or had to be repaired during. It was an experience of pure long-term maintenance. A kind of preserving endurance... but also arguably more or less like... giving it just enough air not to die. Little puffs of everlasting wet fire. One set of outspoken Dutch words by a foreigner got stuck in the head and has been revisited over and over: .. het raam is sprookjesachtig... but how to translate that... the window is a fairytale... does not half sound as good as in that Dutch... but what a possibilities... what a chances and opportunities? Anyway, now it is temporary proven that it makes no sense what Natland S B is doing and that feels pretty well. So there is definitely space for more rectangular tables on this planet in the near future. The attending agree. The quest continues to find out the price of the replaceable wounded and wearing vulnerable . Almost got a finger on the value of a view when that sentence popped up out of the blue. Puzzling destination Natland S B is on at the moment. Straight roads but curving waters... ermine and royal meatpin and inn bags and chicken meat jumble were on a menu... We are getting into the tune just before we discompose it as well. There were no barkers really and sufficient violins dressed up as nettles. Will not find the truth. Anyway, it would stop the machinery immediately. No... better stay away from the information desk! Be aware of the dog: Pozor Pes! We are all fenced parcels. We are islands. No sense denying. Just talking is a handicapped method . Conversations are not solid but fluid and they curve. Dialogs are like condensation stripes of high flying airplanes. Evaporating innocent white lines hanging in the sky. So silently and peacefully dirty. Brilliant sometimes! It has hardly begun.

Question: Ahoy, is this the boat to India?

(in the background are no sounds. a neglected clock stopped ticking days ago. just wind)

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  1. In 1843 the sugar cube was invented in Dacice.
    WE know that too!