01 May 2012

natland sb less labour day

Question (tearful): So this is really our last supper... should have seen it coming bu... but... still it is soo unexpected... So, why does Natland SB drop her activities?.. Just now when it all seems to fu... fall in place and you you actually have some who... I will miss you... I will miss you... Answer (tearless): Sod, not so quick, Question. It has been more than less enough and for everything comes a time: Eva can safely stop showing legs, pack her tits and dissolve, the director managing finally gets time for deep gardening and the disposable curator can now for instance be easily replaced by some art student. Question: Bu...but... Answer: Oh, come on, it has been really enough: this exposure of other peoples redundancies. That point is made. The garden hose is biting it's own tail. Those some you mention are fine people but, really! wake up: we are not reviving any revolution here or even saving any cuddly seals! And consider this: if the slogan is actually ... but how much less is more... and we are close to a thousand or so images of the same published... Question: Bu... but... Answer: We are NOT shutting down Natland SB multiless art Centre right now but just get a little less pushy and go to lower emission exposure. We actually really found this emerging and willing student who is going to do his MA on the local art school and who intends to research the decomposement of today's art and he is to hang something interesting on the walls sometimes but he explicitly wants to focus more on the creative processes and we can not have that too much. Our terms are clear: there is enough rubbish around. Question: Bu... but... did i just see you snacking and nibbling dishwasher tablets? (to be continued?)

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