10 March 2012

less have a natland sb birthday party!

Question: We are not doing any dishes anymore?

Answer: No, actually this new place comes with a machine... and the funny thing is that a dishwasher is not only a cleaning device but also a pacifier... although one would expect to have more time it actually takes as much.

Question: The wise guy is suggesting here that global rulers have intentionally installed machines in our houses to sooth us? That the inside sound of water hitting the dirt out of a pot puts a spell on all of us and that instead of the convenience for the individual it is the lock on our communal cell door and by us focussing on the online drug we have ignored the instalment of slavery through the dishwasher? What brand is it?

Answer: Whirlpool. (the question laughs and the answer smiles forcefully).

Question: you ARE serious!

Answer: Well... it does fit in the senistic view and natlandian slogan ( ... but how much etc...) those who control the process of massive stupefying are the ones that rule ... and since the 1st of March the grip on us is tightening. They are getting more open in their attitude of simply seeing the human race not even any longer as a consumer but bluntly just as the product and they are willing to use any means to do so and... i do dearly miss the good time manually washing the dishes...

Question: Hmm, you really believe in the good and the bad guys you silly co... Any other good news?

Answer: Maybe the fact that natlan sb is active two years tomorrow and that a party is announced to celebrate amongst friends and neighbours and less.

Question: the natland sb birthday party!!! And you expect as many people as during the less dance festival? Deep inside you do, don`t you, you long for the crowds again?

Answer: Well, the director managing did promise to contribute with cake and coffee this time and in return i promised something special. Y said she would come too.

Question: details?

Answer: Tomorrow sunday 11 March 2012, from 11.49 in the morning till 12.49 in the afternoon at the Natland SB multiless art centre in Bergen.

Question: It will be an unforgettable generous event again. A demonstration of happening?

Answer: Yes, and it combines well with the birthday of our disposable curator turning 51 on wednesday and who as usual accepts any gift but if you excuse me, i have to empty something now.

They spontaneously start dancing and singing while doing it. There is now video.

photo title: natland sb not withstanding the temptations doing it.

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