14 June 2010

first manifest - afterwords

Question: Give me a towel to dry.

Answer: Here. It is a lot of dirty dishes... It happened as it could have. I am not sure the outcome is the same seminar i expected beforehand but the first manifest is now history. Could afterward consider to recycle the title into Natland SB less is more how much but Seminar or Natland SB but how less is much more Seminar or Seminar how much more but less is Natland SB and so on. It was revealing. It was also pretty organic and digestible. I can not speak for other participants but next to the the cigar of Mies van der Rohe one other thing grew during the day and that is the question what the size and value of a view is. A new way of thinking is actually a new way of thinking. It is not re-thinking old ways or the ways we are on now and obviously we need to switch, obviously... Focusing on a branch does not make any tree in the forest more outspoken... but it was a very nice gathering. It makes no sense to revisit the spoken words here. Everybody who was present selected and kept to their own. But one could say that situations and people were pretty much re-sized in the morning program. That cup is not dry.

Question: The cup is not clean. OK... there was an afternoon excursion organized as well?

Answer: Yes, despite the weather we circled the grounds around the galleri for an hour or two, more or less. Walking and talking, wandering and wondering. Outside, the words spoken and heard float away with the weather and it is, next to that, great to make in the argumentation a point by saying: look here (or there) that is exActly what i mean. Sadly we actually lost one or two persons during the walk but we also picked some ramsløk for the soup!

Question: biggest revelation or discovery?

Answer: That is something i noticed just before the dishes but maybe would have stayed unnoticed without the seminar yesterday: We live in this house exactly 2 years. And we never hovered it, electrically i mean. Somehow we thought it would make sense to do it now, just before leaving to the second manifest, and so we borrowed a machine and guess what: it has an eco button! I have a guilty conscience now that i just hovered the whole house turbo, ignoring it. Yes, do laugh but be aware i have the right brush in my hands to clean dirty mouths!

Question: NO! No wait, calm down, get off and don't get off the hook too fast. Explain the details this time. Clarify and metaphor it a little?

Answer: The simplifying truth is that the Bosch Exclusiv Casa 1400 W is a criminal machine! It is build by the suckers of producers on this planet as a way out, escape, to make the consumers responsible. It is in principle the same as what the Catholic church did in the middle ages with the indulgence, the remission of temporal punishment still due for a sin that has been sacramentally absolved. It is a planned kongsi, scam, of those who withdraw from the huge damage done. They force us to think: We have the choice to make changes! But why not to produce a ecological hoover in the first place or just not to produce? I have been a neatly functioning biodegradable vacuum cleaner for two years in our house without thinking about it and now i have a guilty conscience of doing the house with a noisy sucking turbo Bosch Exclusiv Casa 1400 W with a build-in bolt to go eco if i want??

Question: The towel is soaked.... tears!

( in the background: dishwater going down the drains drowning the sounds of the clock).


  1. I agree. My washer also has an eco button. This winter was so cold it broke the washer, so now I wash my clothes at friends', with dissatisfactory frequence. In retrospect I realize that I used the eco button only if the clothes were not too dirty or too many... never understanding fully what the button has to do with the outcome of the washing, however it made me feel like it wouldn't function optimally if I used it. Thank you for very good seminar, looking forward to the next.

  2. wondeful! You are a poet aswell!