15 June 2010

second manifest - history & background

photo: Senis Besmegenis

In February 2009 Ron Sluik was guest teacher at the FAMU academy in Praha. One of the participating photography students was Tomas Amos Kouba. A month ago Sluik received an email from him:

What do you do in the summer? Would you like to come for visit in Czech rep.? I will be building my art residence there. You could perhaps join me...:) By the way, if you know somebody that would be interested in this project, just let me know. I search for visitors, voluntary workers or even for another owner for corporation. This is one of my crazy projects... Here you can see photos of the place: http://tomasamos.imgur.com/all/

Natland S B having a weak spot for others with crazy ideas saw in the invitation a perfect possibility to call for a meeting. Flexibility is a keyword for the future and Tomas had a flexible plan. So a mail was returned saying that the Natland S B art Galleri would accept and organize a round table meeting. Tomas replied: Very good but there is no round table on the premises.

Tomas is thinking of starting some art centre there and Natland SB wants to warn him that something else might be more suitable and suggests a rhizomian approach to be best. Tomas gets a think-tank before the layers brick. Natland S B provides in good spirit.

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