12 June 2010

first manifest - prelude

Question: How much less rain than today tomorrow? What is going to happen? Is dropout F S correct when he describes it as if he will be missing fun but less fun than the super nice girl he is with or more like B B calling it a sophisticated holiday he is looking forward to have?

Answer: Rain is a divided sea or billions of little lakes if you want. It depends on your size if you can swim in it or not. I am a dishwasher maybe but certainly no soda machine in their leisure time... so everybody is equal and some are more equal than others. I am the only one who gives myself names but i can be fun to be around with for one day. Move on.

Question: What is a seminar and how does a Natland SB seminar work? What did you prepare for this event? What is the agenda?

Answer: A seed plot is what seminar actually means. So a ground to spread, fertilize and harvest and share the thoughts of those present. I do not think there is much difference between our NSB and those academics in that sense. We will definitely have the playground. We can be the landmine flowers.

Question: Nice?

I am the driver tomorrow of the semicar and i tend to go seemingly without a map or plan. No not seemingly at all. I do not have a map or plan. It is however a method that suits me. I would call it the optimal use of associative thinking, meaning a mental process of making associations between a given subject and all pertinent present factors without drawing on past experience. Free jazz of thinking. Including the hopping and jumping, falling and thumping. I am shaved.

Question: Yes?

There is 9 liters of fish soup on the stove but haven't checked if we have enough plates and spoons to eat it from. Got some extra bread and tea and coffee. Checked with the director managing the space today and there are enough chairs and even a video projector we can use. Thank you South Africa! There are 10 expected guests. Mainly master degree students from the local academy for architecture. Some of which I tutor through their exams. I catch them from the road a little after ten and we start with a visit to the nail in the gallery. That will lead to coffee and introduction of participants. I want to talk about me, Mies, apple and worm and now also evidently mention Polke. Before i am there we are already deep into the matters. I actually see my moderating as one long performance. I have to pump up. This is part of it. And i am as unpredictable as the weather. In the afternoon when it is dry and the sun comes through we go for a walk. A wander around and we see what we find. On that route i have some things hidden: confessions, words and images. Hungry and tired we return. Others can confess too.

Question: Ha, sounds like a Heimat film scenario! The title of the seminar has changed? It was Natland SB how much less is more Seminar 2010 and now it is Natland SB but how much less is more Seminar 2010??

Answer: Yes, i wanted to emphasize my need to get more closer to me and take a slight distance from you.

(in the background: full fat smelly simmering soup)

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