11 June 2010

first manifest - expectations

Question: It is Thursday night and the days before the seminar were sunny and silent and smelly. Worried?

Answer: It will rain, thanks to X. Natland SB art Galleri can not really bother about the strike going on in the disposing world of nightmen. Less floorspace creates deeper views and the exposements are surrounded by sweet scents. Flies appear as permanent guests. I am not worried about the seminar but do search in my head for a deeper meaning for less. Silly? It is a first born and it needs cuddling. We live in a complicated world because of our ignorance. I do. I do not just aim for a flatter world. Not at all, just...

Question: Stuck? To sustain is to persevere or to suffer? What are you cooking? Did you check the plants?

Answer: Instead of making a program, a schedule, arranging the key, finding the pan, getting access, i made a walk this afternoon to the goldfish pond. Yes, this Allium Ursinum, these particular plants they sadly already flower. Meaning it's taste turns into smells... Sometimes in the process i begin to take the seminar serious too! I pick a film and start to analyze it, ha! For instance participant S P gave me this week a documentary to watch from which i learn that recycling is not only ridiculous but actually criminal. In the mind i decide hypocritically to prolong the time of some items around me. I am no less. The main character in that film says: it is not about right or wrong but we need a whole new way of thinking. I think this idea came to him while driving his car. He is Canadian. I forgive him for that too. Why should i mention his name? Also watched a documentary about Mies... will take back that remark about just form... some of his clever lines i will remember: one about proportions between things... often there is nothing but still there is a proportion... and: only flexibility (in architecture) has value... why is inevitable disappointment embedded in any visionary idea even when there are no expectations connected to it... I do not like martinis, but i share that one with him.

Question: Any last orders?

Answer: Sorry X but do not bother to come the 15th. We are flying!

Question: How much footprints less to walk to Lidéřovice?

(in the background: a clock still ticking, some items around seem to shine and smile more than they normally do, outside it is dark, but not for long)

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