15 June 2010

second manifest - more arrangements

photo Tomas Amos Kouba

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Betreff: Re: i Count on You KING!
Datum: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 17:20, Tomas wrote to Ron:

I was looking for accommodation for rest of the people in neighbour village. I found two places where people can be accommodated. One is 130 CZK per night/person --very simple and quite ugly place. Other place is 220 CZK. Its much nicer already. Not romantic but clean and comfy. WHICH SHOULD i BOOK AND FOR HOW MANY PEOPLE AND FOR HOW MANY NIGHTS? To the neighbour village its 4 km walk. In my house, there is a place for 6 people (six beds Me, Your family, Yngvar} its 5 people already. Should I make space in barn where we could place the other people and get some spare beds for them? Will somebody sleep in a tent? Or should I just book the accommodation in the neighbour village? A lot of questions my Duke, I know, but please try to help me with making the accommodation question clear. King Tomas.

Natland S B likes the barn idea. Please contact S B if the comfy is wanted. Guests are expected to be prepared or to accept that much less is a hole more.

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  1. I'll prefer to take my 1 and ½ person tent.... and I will. If somebody prefer to sleep in a tent too, I have also a 3 and ½ person tent available and could take it with me too. Just let me know!